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The Thinking

Information Management

We start by doing an audit of your data and I.T. systems to determine their health. This then provides us with the detail we need to design and build a well-constructed transactional, product or marketing channel database, or alternatively a single customer view database which will enable you to see a single record for each of your customer's activities. We then implement an appropriate CRM system to harness the database information which will allow your business to report on the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Insight and Analytics

Typical projects at this stage involve us identifying prospects or existing customers from the database that are likely to respond to acquisition or retention campaigns. From these campaigns we generate learnings and insights from transactional, product, or marketing channel data. We use these insights to develop analytical approaches (i.e. predictive modelling, Segmentation, A/B testing) to help us develop appropriate customer contact and proposition strategies to drive ROI. We then take new learnings and insights and use them to optimise the campaign process to further improve ROI.


Implementing the customer contact and proposition strategies from the insight and analytics stage will drive the branding, creative and messaging process which helps your business to form its own identity and differentiate itself from the competition. In order to implement this process effectively, campaign and communications plans will need to be built. This then feeds into a wider CRM programme which will be managed and delivered in accord with business objectives. When the CRM programme is implemented, new objectives can be formed which will feed into the information management process.

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