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Case studies

Project 1

Home insurance direct mail renewal response rates had been decreasing since 2006
Aim was to come up with home insurance renewal data strategies to help drive up response rates and improve profitability for key customer segments

Gathered and summarised data to report on 2006 and 2007 campaign performance
Used customer profiling and A/B testing to recommend key incentives/propositions
Combined profiling with a response model to improve home cross-sell renewal strategy

​Identified targeted messages and incentives 5.5 times more likely to receive a response, which would deliver an uplift of £200k

Project 2

Contributed to a large motor manufacturer's CRM lead generation programme using Omniture web analytics and competitor research to advice on Conversion Strategy and Customer Experience
This involved us optimising voucher campaigns, testing, creative, messaging and affiliate marketing
Their web analytics in 2011 showed that 52k repeat customers dropped off before key call-to-actions

​Identified key journeys within the top 10 high volume journeys
Ensured key journeys had at least one main call to action (i.e. test drive, car quote, configurator)
Ensured key journeys could generate a sales lead for a new car using a voucher pop up strategy

​The approach led to 10k new car sales leads which translated to a potential of £177m
New selections were incorporated into current voucher campaigns

Project 3

A popular High Street Retailer's new Head of Online wasn’t sure recency/frequency segmentation would work for the business
Our aim was to deliver a workshop on the customer lifecycle profiles and a proposal on how data strategies could use recency/frequency segmentation to solve their key marketing problems

We Identified key customer segments across across the client's customer lifecycle that needed to be targeted
We Created pen portrait case studies that fitted the identified customer segments
We created data strategy phase approaches to drive marketing effectiveness and ROI for segments

​We recommended data strategy projects that were worth up to £190k in revenue
And set up data strategy templates for welcome, reactivation and conversion for the client
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